This subsection covers the setup process of the Tetra.

Once the 🍍 is booted up and connected to a machine via the provided USB Y cable, the machine it's connected to should receive an IP address via DHCP as shown below.

Web Portal


Accessing the following link will bring up the 🍍's admin dashboard for first-time configuration


If the changelogs show up, the 🍍 has been set up properly and is now ready for configuration.

It is adviced to plug in a LAN cable into the 🍍 at this point to be able to check for updates & download community made modules.

Secure Setup

User account & Timeozone

In this section, we set the root user's password and the timezone in which the device is located.

Radio Configuration

Management AP is used by the administrator of the 🍍 to be able to remotely administer the device over wifi.

Open AP is the network that would be shown to our "targets".

No actual targets here.

Radio Country code is pretty self-explanatory.

Filters & Firewall

Client Filters are used to determine which "targets" you allow to interact with your network.

SSID FIlters are used to control if clients of other SSIDs are able to interact with the pineapple


And of course we gotta accept the License and EULA.

Using this device in public or against any network that you do not personally own, is illegal.

Completion of setup

Once the following page appears, the 🍍 is good to go and we can start attacking! [ourselves ofcourse]


This link can be used to access the web portal after setup!


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