[Day 7] Migration Without Security

{Web Exploitation = NoSQLi}

Logging into the server with the given credentials, I was able to interact with the MongoDB and retrieve the first flag.

Interact with the MongoDB server to find the flag. What is the flag?

  • THM{8814a5e6662a9763f7df23ee59d944f9}

The following page is being served on port 80/HTTP

Useful MongoDB Operators

$eq - matches records that equal to a certain value

$ne - matches records that are not equal to a certain value

$gt - matches records that are greater than a certain value.

$where - matches records based on Javascript condition

$exists - matches records that have a certain field

$regex - matches records that satisfy certain regular expressions.

Bypassing the login page is as simple as using the $ne operator on the password field.

We're in.


Once you are logged in, use the gift search page to list all usernames that have guest roles. What is the flag?

  • THM{2ec099f2d602cc4968c5267970be1326}[$ne]=guest

Use the gift search page to perform NoSQL injection and retrieve the mcskidy record. What is the details record?

  • ID:6184f516ef6da50433f100f4:mcskidy:admin

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